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Baron and Baroness Raven of Drakkenheim (Scott Tibbedeaux) and Brenna Bethan (Becky Tibbedeaux)
Seneschal Alexandyr Stirling (Jeffrey J. Bryan)

The seneschal is the legal representative of a branch. Seneschals sign all contracts, make sure that things are done pursuant to the restrictions of all modern laws, corpora and kingdom law, work with the chatelaines to handle all public relations, and normally conduct the business meetings.

Arts & Sciences Umm Jibril Munisa bint al-Nadr

The Arts & Sciences Officer coordinates various Arts & Sciences related contests, classes and monthly potluck.

Archery Deputy Vacant

The Archery Deputy oversees the conduct of archery activities, including but not limited to tournament lists; and is primarily responsible for promoting both safety and authenticity of archery within the group

Chatelaine Lady Cilean Stirling

The officer in charge of greeting and helping newcomers. Coordinates demonstrations and educational activities requested by the public. Also loans costumes and gear as needed (Gold Key).

Chirurgeon Ivan Iranovich Strelstov

The Chirurgeon provide first aid at baronial events. (The word "Chirurgeon" is a medieval term from which the modern "Surgeon" is derived.)

Chronicler Johnthan of Fettburg

The Chronicler edits and publishes our periodical "The Skald". Email your stories, articles, photos, artwork and other submissions to the Chronicler.

Constable Vacant

One of the primary responsibilities of the Constable is to ensure that the gate is manned (someone is taking care of business at the front-door for an event, taking money, getting people to sign waivers, etc.). The Constables task can include maintaining order at events.

Exchequer Garreth Hadley

The Exchequer is in charge of all financial activities for the barony.

Gold Key (See Chatelaine)

A collection of loaner garb and gear for the use of newcomers, generally maintained by the Chatelaine.

Herald Mistress Ella Gajewi von Pommern

Voice heralds fall into two major categories: duty and court. "Duty" heralds are the ones who go around making announcements at events and may also announce fighters during tournaments. "Court" heralds are those who verbally direct the business during court. Heralds who concentrate on research are often called "book heralds".

Lists Vacant

The Minister of the Lists coordinates the lists of fighters and maintains the list throughout the tournament.

Marshal Lord Turstan of Silverdale

A specially trained person who oversees combat activities. (The SCA's version of a referee.)

Page School Umm Jibril Munisa bint al-Nadr

The Page School Minister organizes events to teach younger members in our organization.

Scribe Vacant

A person with artistic talent in the area of calligraphy and/or illumination, who gives of their time and talent to create award scrolls for recipients of armigerous awards. At barony level, they are similar to a secretary who takes and maintains the minutes of business meetings.

Web Minister Alexandyr Stirling

The web minister oversees electronic publishing for the barony's website.

Emissary to Mundania Mistress Ella Gajewi von Pommern

The Emissary to Mundania works with local government, businesses and schools for demonstrations and other local events.