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A Little About Us

The Barony of Fettburg is the chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. for the Stockton-Manteca-Modesto, California area. We are part of the Kingdom of the West and the Principality of Cynagua. We have been recreating the better parts of the Middle Ages since A.S. XI or 1977 in the current era.

Our History

Province of Gandheim

Ancient group formed in June of 1972. Went into abeyance in November 1972. Isaac the Unlikely was the Seneschal. Edwin Bohnn von Ravenswald was Knight Marshal. If anyone has any additional information about this group, please contact the Web Minister.


Bodo the Brutal and Stephen of the Yews ran into the SCA after reading about the group in a Sunset Magazine article which mentioned that an event was being held that day a few miles up the road in Lodi. It was an early Ducal Prize Tourney held at the Gadbury's Farm in Lodi in October 1976 (A.S. XI.) Kevin Peregrynne was King at the time. Bodo and Stephen started going to the fighter practices in Golden Rivers held across from Baron Kevin's home.


Fettburg was presented in court as a new canton of the Barony of Golden Rivers at either March or June Crown of 1977 at Big Trees.


When Kevin Peregrynne and Patrice du Coeur Fidel stepped down as baron and baroness of Golden Rivers, it was decided that rather than replace them, to refashion Golden Rivers as a Province. Fettburg automatically changed from a Canton to a Riding.


In the spring of 1978 Fettburg became independent of Golden Rivers and was elevated to the status of Shire. During our time as a shire, we hosted the Grand Diet for the formation of the new Principality of Cynagua as well as the first Cynaguan Coronet Tournament.

Quai du Cornielle

In early 1980, the southern part of Fettburg decided to form an independent group, and the Shire of Quai du Cornielle was formed in the Modesto / Turlock area. It was mostly students and those who wanted to follow a less martial path than Fettburg was pursuing. Sharra ni Perran was the founding seneschal.

Jotunheim (Abaki)

Some time in late 1981 or early 1982, Bjorn the Berserk and some friends in the Riverbank / Oakdale area decided that they wanted to form their own branch in addition to the households they were maintaining. This was originally called Jotunheim and later was renamed Abaki. They were disbanded in 1983 in a dispute with the crown and never quite got back together.

First Baronial Petition

Our first petition to rejoin the shires of Fettburg and Quai du Cornielle was met with resistance by the crown in 1982. The intent was to form a new barony with a new name incorporating the whole area with the two shires keeping their names and becoming cantons.


After the first baronial petition failed, the households north of Stockton decided that they wanted to have their own group which was not part of the new barony being formed. Thus, the Shire of Elan was formed from Lodi and the area to the northeast of Stockton. Aaron of Wolfskrag was the founding seneschal.

Second Petition

Our petition for combining Fettburg and Quai du Cornielle into a barony was finally accepted and the Barony of Fettburg was formed at March Crown 1983. Bodo the Brutal was our founding baron, and Louisadh ni McNeil was our first baronial seneschal.

Third Petition

At Purgatorio Coronation in 1983, the outgoing King in an extremely controversial move disbanded the Barony of Fettburg and the Shire of Abaki. A public meeting was held at Modesto Junior College with the new King and Queen and the Prince and Princess of Cynagua. After some discussion, the controversy was cleared up and the barony was formally re-established at October Crown.


In February of 1984, Baron Bodo's mundane job required him to relocate to Paso Robles with very little notice. Since there was no one immediately available to succeed him but the barony did not wish to become a province like Golden Rivers had, a compromise solution was found. The Princess of Cynagua would also carry the title of Baroness of Fettburg and the barony would be locally represented by a Vicar. Stephen of the Yews was our Vicar during this time. This lasted until March Crown of 1985 when he became Baron of Fettburg.


In 1985 after an unfortunate misunderstanding with a baronial officer, the new people joining the SCA in the southern part of the barony decided that they would be better served by having their own branch and so the Shire of Canale was formed in the Ceres / Turlock area.

The Barons and Baronesses of Fettburg

Ivan Igor Bodonovitch (aka Bodo the Brutal, Bodo Rosti) Founding Baron

  • Beltane, 1983 – Purgatorio, 1983 - With Elizabeth Grey (of Grey Marches) as Baroness
  • Twelfth Night, 1984 – February, 1984

Viscountess Katya Wanderer, as Princess of Cynagua

  • February, 1984 – Summer Investiture, 1984

Countess Iseult nic Elam, as Princess of Cynagua

  • Summer Investiture, 1984 – Winter Investiture, 1985

Duchess Lachlin ni Colin, as Princess of Cynagua

  • Winter Investiture, 1985 – March Crown, 1985

Master Stephen of the Yews & Lady Elizabeth of Dragonmoor

  • Spring Coronet, 1984 – March Crown, 1985 - Vicar
  • March Crown, 1985 – Beltane, 1989 - Baron
  • Beltane, 1989 – Twelfth Night, 1993 - With Elizabeth of Dragonmoor

Sir Cybi of Elmhurst and Mistress Victoria of Elmhust Hollow

  • Twelfth Night, 1993 – Twelfth Night, 1998

Qatan al-Human al-Kahira and Kahina bint Kamar

  • Twelfth Night, 1998 – Twelfth Night, 2000

Sir Conor Weiszhan and Countess Isa von Speyer

  • Twelfth Night, 2000 – Twelfth Night, 2003

Mistress Cassandra Cernakova

  • Twelfth Night, 2003 – May 2 2009

Viscount Zaid al-fallah hajji and Viscountess Louise de la Chatte Bleue

  • Ducal Prize, 2009 – October Crown 2011

Raven of Drakkenheim and Brenna Bethan

  • October Crown, 2011 – October Crown 2014

Jose Ramirez de Coronado and Aderyn Pierrepont 

  • October Crown, 2014 –  October Crown, 2016

Turstan of Silverdale and Tamar de Valencia 

  • October Crown, 2016 - October Crown 2018

Konrad the Bohemian and Clarice Walker

  • October Crown 2018 - Beltane 2022

 Àfastr Dreki Reginsson and Thorkatla Yngvarsdottir

  • Beltane 2022 - Present