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New Comers Links

Intro to the SCA

Sca Membership Extras

SCA Membership Form(PDF)

SCA Membership Online (Join or renew membership online)

SCA Adult Waiver Form (PDF) (Consent to Participate/Release of Liability for membership)

Minors Medical Authorization Form (PDF)

Map of the Knowne World Interactive online maps of the Kingdoms of the SCA

Costume Research Resources

The History of Costume by Braun & Schneider Index #1.

The Costume Page Costuming Resources online

Learner Middle Ages Costumes, religion, town life and more.

Viking Resources and other costume links

Jessamyn's Closet Medieval Spain and Portugal costume

Medieval Pavilion Resources Western and Non-Western Medieval Costuming (unfortunately not updated as there are several broken links).

Caridoc's Miscellany From costumes to food and more!

Stefan's Florilegium (one of the best resource and research sites for SCA'ers)

Costumes of the Levant Historical costuming of the Middle East

The Mongols Costuming from the Dark Horde

Heraldry Extras


Submission Forms for SCA Name and Device

West Kingdom College of Heralds


The Barony of Fettburg's "Skald" newsletter (July A.S. XLII - 2007 issue). Click here for past issues.