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Scheduled by phone appointment with Tashi of Falconsclaw, 5800 Northland Road, Manteca, CA.

Directions: Take 99 To Manteca. All take Lathrop Road exit. Southbound will turn left on W 99 Frontage Road. Left at stop sign to go over the overpass. Left on E. 99 Frontage Road. Right on Northland Road. Northbound turn left on E. 99 Frontage Road, and right on Northland Road.

Please contact the Archery Warden before your first shoot.

Arts & Sciences Classes and Activity Nights

Sewing nights on Tuesdays are held at the office of the Baron. Please email for address and further information.

To offer your services to teach a class or class suggestions, contact the A&S Minister.

Monday Night Fighter Practice